So what will characterise the DEI landscape of 2022?

2 min readJan 17, 2022

So what will characterise the DEI landscape of 2022?

Well I hope that completely upgraded candidate experiences will be the winning ticket.

Companies must stop themselves from producing lacklustre recruitment collateral and immediately reexamine all their hiring processes. This is no time for ‘this is how we’ve always done it’.

The same old tick box exercises aimed at the general catch-all diversity spectrum will generate the same lottery-like results. Companies must remove the guesswork and start DEI strategies from a place of data-enabled understanding.

You must engage with your candidates. All of them. The rejected list holds more answers than the ‘offered the job’ list if you’re brave enough! And you must be.

Impacting DEI in 2022 is not for the shy and retiring. Pokey questions and getting used to being out the comfort zone is where change happens.

Ask questions. Peel back the layers. Ask more questions.

Does your organisation truly know who it is attracting, and who it is not?

Taking a deep-dive into your current candidate experience would be a great place to start. Does it truly reflect a level of authenticity which reflects your organisation’s values? How approachable are you as a hiring business, do you have direct channels for diverse candidates to ask questions? For every hire made, what are your processes and level of afterthought for all the unsuccessful applicants?

2021 has been defined by a lot of talk, and 2022 therefore must be defined by action.

Focus on a candidate-centred re-design of your recruitment processes, remembering the ‘Golden Rule’ to treat others, as you would like others to treat you.

When all candidates feel they’re being addressed on a personal level, your results will speak for themselves.

By Jon Jacobs — Cofounder, CandidateX

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